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What some people won’t—or can’t—say this Thanksgiving

Nov 24, 2016

What’s worse than a divisive election year?

For some, talking about it with extended family at Thanksgiving.

That’s why we set up a mock Thanksgiving table at Solstice Café in the U District last week. We invited community members into a safe space—or at least somewhere they wouldn't be interrupted—to share what’s really on their mind after this divisive election season. 

We asked them: “What are you nervous to discuss with your family this Thanksgiving?” Listen to some of the responses in this video: 

An expectant dad is frustrated that his own dad doesn’t believe in climate change.

A Ph.D. student told us some of the most racist people she knows are in her own mixed-race family.

And a young Trump supporter worries his family will be disgusted with him.

We also heard people’s advice for how to deal with difficult conversations.

Do you rise to the occasion and have difficult conversations at your family dinner table? How do you do it? Are you planning to talk politics no matter what this Thanksgiving? Tell us how it goes. Do you wish it went better?

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