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What Berlin Always Wanted To Know About Ira Glass

Aug 10, 2011

Marc suggested "on the weekend between 11 and 1." Martina thought "any day late morning would be great." Laura looked for "the weekend, morning, or evening."

These are just a few of the guiding ideas we received from you via email and on facebook regarding the placement of our newest NPR FM Berlin 104,1 program addition.

"From WBEZ in Chicago, It's This American Life, distributed by Public Radio International, I'm Ira Glass..." He's the host who drops this introductory tease into his opening segment when you least expect it.

He owns a pit bull. He has a degree is semiotics (from Brown University). In the 1980's he was a guest host on NPR's Talk of the Nation and All Things Considered.

Ira is related to the composer Philip Glass (father's first cousin). Mr. Glass started working in public radio in 1978.

So what's This American Life all about, and why has it been NPR FM Berlin's number one requested program for the past several years?

Take interesting stories propelled by a theme, score the stories with dramatic music, talk with a cast of compelling characters, present the narrative like a great drama, and add a unique host to currate the suspense - and you have the This American Life formula.

Don't just take our word for it. Follow Ira Glass twice each week on NPR FM Berlin, 104,1, Saturday morning at 11, and Monday morning at 9.

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