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This week, we're the target

Jan 6, 2017

The Washington State Legislature convenes on Monday and one of the issues on the table is a bill that would ban drivers from holding their phone while driving. Is this a necessity or distracted legislating?

The former head of the CIA General Michael Hayden said that by the end of Trump’s first four years in office, North Korea could have a nuclear weapon that would reach Seattle. Richard Ellings of the National Bureau of Asian Research says Seattle would be the perfect target. Is it time to move?  

Eli Sanders spent the holidays in Whitefish, Montana, which is also the home of the mother of a white supremacist. Is it ethical to pressure the mom of a white supremacist?  

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Bill Radke @KUOWRadke, host

Knute Berger @KnuteBerger, writer with Crosscut, Seattle magazine

Joni Balter @jbalter, host of Civic Cocktail on Seattle Channel

Eli Sanders @elijsanders, associate editor at The Stranger