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This week we're talking primary votes and hydroplane boats

Aug 5, 2016

A few Washington state voters cast their ballots in the August primary this week. They voted for a guy who wasn’t running, a conservative talk show host and lots of progressives. What are other takeaways from the first 2016 election results?

In July, Thurston County Democrats received a $50,000 donation from JZ Knight, who is best known for channeling  Ramtha, a 35,000 year old warrior spirit. Ramtha has been recorded saying disparaging things about gays, Catholics, Jews and Mexicans. What should the Democrats do with the money?

This weekend is Seafair and we look back at the good old days of early hydroplane racing and ponder what the Seafair of the future might look like.

We'll tackle these subjects and more on Week in Review.

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Bill Radke @KUOWRadke, host

Erica Barnett @ericacbarnett, writes for the C is for Crank

Gyasi Ross @bigindiangyasi, is a local writer, lawyer and activist

Bill Finkbeiner @billfinkbeiner, is the former majority leader in the Washington state Senate 

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