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Week in Review: Mayor's race, monuments, distracted driving

May 19, 2017

President Trump denies any connection between his campaign and Russian election hackers, but the Department of Justice appoints a former FBI director as special counselor just to make sure.

Fifteen people and counting are in the race to be Seattle's next mayor. How is the race shaping up? And is Bernie Sanders really going to weigh in?

You'll want to kick that distracted driving habit sooner than later, because this week Governor Inslee signed new penalties for using your phone behind the wheel that will become law this summer. Good news: "minimal use of a finger" is still allowed.

And as New Orleans takes down a third Confederate monument, how should Seattle think about a statue of former president (and slave owner) George Washington at the University of Washington?

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Bill Radke @kuowradke, host
Pamela Banks @pamelalbanks_, president and CEO of Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle
Joni Balter @jbalter, host of Civic Cocktail on Seattle Channel
Rob McKenna @robmckenna, former Washington State Attorney General