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‘We want youth out of the criminal justice system’

Feb 16, 2017

“April, do you think youth easily get away with committing crimes?

“In certain cases, yes, because adults think that we’re still learning right from wrong. What do you think, Melissa?”

“To be honest, I don’t think so. I always hear about young people getting into trouble on nationwide news or at school.”

In the RadioActive podcast, hosts Melissa Takai and April Reyes share their thoughts and experiences about the criminal justice system. 

Also in the podcast:

When a young person commits a crime, detention is one of the few options available. RadioActive’s Natalie Newcomb visits the King County Juvenile Detention Center. It’s old, and plans for a new building are underway. That’s sparking controversy with critics calling it another racist institution. 

Hassan Abdi Noor and Sokinna Keo contributed to this podcast. 

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