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Washington State Senator Concerned For 'Dreamers' Future Under Trump

Feb 13, 2017

President Donald Trump has made immigration a top issue. But one of his campaign promises has a Republican state senator in Washington concerned.

Sen. Barbara Bailey made headlines in 2014 when she sponsored the so-called “Real Hope Act.” It allows high school graduates whose parents brought them to this country illegally to qualify for state financial aid.

On the day the bill passed, Bailey celebrated with a group of so-called “dreamers.”

Now three years later, President Trump has vowed to repeal a federal policy that allows qualified students or graduates to defer deportation and receive a work visa.

Bailey said that concerns her “a great deal.”

“Because I think that we leave people with a lot of doubt about their future,” she said.

But Bailey, whose son works for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, has a get tough side to her as well. She said if someone poses a threat to America, “Find a way to get rid of ‘em.”

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