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Washington Republican Lawmaker Celebrates Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

Jun 26, 2015
Originally published on June 26, 2015 2:39 pm

Republican state lawmaker Maureen Walsh of Walla Walla, Washington, is celebrating Friday’s Supreme Court ruling that legalized gay marriage nationwide.

“I’m just really pleased and very happy that a lot of families now will feel very equal in this country and I think that’s really important,” she said.

That includes Walsh’s family. Her daughter will marry her same-sex partner in November.

Walsh made an impassioned speech in favor of same-sex marriage in 2012 that went viral.

She said she took some heat in her conservative legislative district for that.

“I had a little trouble sometimes with some of the folks and I’m sure I lost some voters as a result of that decision,” Walsh said. “It’s a very passionate issue. But on the other hand I think if I were to poll the voters in my district now, I think they would be supportive.”

Walsh added that she has “great respect” for the bible having been raised Catholic. But she said she also believes marriage is an inherent right.

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