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Washington LNG Plant Still Not Safe For Investigators

Apr 2, 2014
Originally published on April 1, 2014 3:20 pm

State and federal pipeline safety investigators have not yet been able to access the scene of an explosion and fire at a natural gas facility in southeast Washington.

But they are interviewing employees who work at the Williams Northwest Pipeline facility where the accident happened Monday.

The interviews are getting underway while work continues to make sure the facility is safe. The concern is there could be another explosion at the liquefied natural gas facility on the Columbia River.

LNG is natural gas that’s been super-chilled to make it easier to store.

One of two giant storage tanks at the facility was breached in the explosion. Robots and thermal imaging are being used to assess the damage. Once the plant is deemed safe, investigators will begin their on-site investigation.

In addition to pipeline safety experts, Washington’s Department of Labor and Industries has sent a workplace investigator. One worker was hospitalized after the incident.

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