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Washington Election Chief Mixes Sports Strategy With Politics

Mar 3, 2016

Politicians love their sports metaphors. You hear about slam dunk results, marathon campaigns and curveballs thrown during speeches.

Now Washington's head of elections is using a sports reference: she wants a PAC-12 primary in future elections.

In general, states vote for presidential delegates on different days.

But this year states in the south upped their game by voting on the same day, calling it the SEC primary after the collegiate South-Eastern Conference.

That gave Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman an idea.

Why can't we have a PAC-12 primary?

"You know, we want the presidential candidates to pay attention to issues that are important to the Pacific Northwest," Wyman said.

Wyman will lay out her game plan this summer to leaders in PAC-12 states, like Oregon, California and Arizona.

She wants them to hold primaries on the same day in 2020.

Wyman's counterpart in Oregon says they are open to discussing it, but was non-committal. Basically, they're punting.

There's another approach Wyman supports that's being discussed on a national level. They call it a regional rotation.

"We'd have four dates in the spring," Wyman explained, "and it would rotate every four years so a different part of the country would go first, then candidates could concentrate their resources better."

For now, Washington isn't a starting player in the election cycle.

Democrats hold their caucus March 26 and the Republicans have a primary May 24.