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Video shows Seattle police chase suspect before shootout

Apr 21, 2017

Dramatic Seattle Police dash-cam video shows a robbery suspect running into a loading dock followed closely by two police officers – and then a series of shots.

The suspect was killed, and the officers hit with bullets.

The video from Thursday afternoon starts with a police car racing along Alaskan Way and turning up Madison Street. It comes to a stop outside a loading dock behind the old Federal Building on Western Avenue.

In the next moment, a tall man in a light colored shirt runs by, pursued by the two Seattle police officers. The three disappear into the shadows. There are shouts, then a flurry of gunshots.

One officer was saved by her bulletproof vest, the bullet hitting just inches above the bottom. The second officer was hit in the face and ribs and was in serious condition at Harborview Medical Center on Friday. A third officer was hit in the hand.

The suspect was later found dead inside the building. Two other people were arrested.

The incident started with the theft of alcohol from a nearby 7-Eleven.