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Turning Breast Cancer Tumors Into Tangible Art

Oct 25, 2012

A sculpture of a tumor made by caraballo-farman for Object Breast Cancer
Credit Photo: caraballo-farman

The pink ribbon has been an incredibly successful piece of marketing for breast cancer research. But for new media artist and cancer survivor Leonor Caraballo, that pink ribbon is supremely annoying. She always hated the color pink, and Caraballo wanted to come up with a symbol that she didn't find infantilizing.

As an artist, Caraballo collaborates with her husband, Abou Farman, under the name caraballo-farman. And the couple came up with a new approach to representing breast cancer that's very different from pink ribbons. They started making bronze models of real tumors, created from MRI scans, that you can wear around your neck or put on your desk.

In his story, Object Breast Cancer, Independent Producer Eric Molinsky also discovered that this artwork is creating buzz among cancer researchers.

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