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That Thing That Fascinates You, In 5 Minutes

Nov 6, 2014

The big screen at Ignite Seattle.
Credit Flickr Photo/Randy Stewart (CC-BY-NC-ND)

Since 2006, Ignite Seattle has given Puget Sounders the opportunity to share their insights into a topic they’re passionate about. It’s the prototype for what has become an international event.

The concept is simple. Have a great idea? Share it. The only catch? You have to do it in front of a packed auditorium, in five minutes. 

Ignite organizers call it “an exercise in distilled discovery that leaves you with a deeper sense of the community and possibility that surrounds you.”  

The 25th Ignite Seattle took place at Town Hall Seattle on October 7. The talks were moderated by Seattle Times columnist Monica Guzman. Thanks to Anna Tatistcheff for this recording.

If you’d like to submit an idea for a talk for the next Ignite Seattle follow this link. And here’s a link to their suggestions for creating a great talk. You can also see videos of the talks at the Ignite Seattle YouTube channel