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Teen Kicked Out Of His House At Age Seventeen

Dec 18, 2012

It started with an argument.

I was real hurt, didn't know what to think; I was confused, didn't know where to go. I felt deep down I wanted to cry.

Marcus McGuire, 17, asked his mom if his girlfriend could come over to the house. His mom said no and Marcus remembers his mom referring to his girlfriend as a "broad."

Marcus says he snapped.

He started yelling and before long it was World War III. Marcus's mom eventually kicked him out of the house.

“I was real hurt, didn’t know what to think; I was confused, didn’t know where to go," Marcus told his friend, RadioActive producer Keilon Anderson. "I felt deep down I wanted to cry. Most kids don’t get kicked out of their house, like, that for something really small."

But it wasn't small for his mom, Sherita Cooks. She says the argument represented long-standing differences.

"Marcus sleeps a lot, he doesn’t really like to clean up, and he likes to play video games all the time. It makes me feel like he’s not motivated to do more. And I need to see he wants more from his life.”

Marcus eventually ended up on his friend Keilon's couch. 

Marcus says he has since talked to his mom but they haven't really touched on their relationship yet.

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