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Sounds Of The Day 11.18.13 - 11.28.13

Nov 28, 2013

Monday, November 18

Listener Willy recorded the sound of leaves rustling to the delight of Willy's one-year-old son. One evening while on a walk Willy discovered that shaking various trees caused his son to laugh louder then he ever has before.

Thursday, November 21

Madelyn teaches weaving at the Weaver's school and submitted the sound of her loom. When her students join her that sound is multiplied by 15.

Monday, November 25

Willie Weir recorded the his two dogs, Tiva and Maddie, snuffling and snorting.

Tuesday, November 26

That is what it sounds like when KUOW The Record's producer Hannah Burn and host Steve Scher go up an elevator on a construction crane.

Wednesday, November 27

Listener Mara and her boyfriend made two pies pre-Thanksgiving to practice so they can impress Mara's mom on Thanksgiving. This is the sound of them mixing the milk and filling.

Each day on The Record we play the sound of your day. Listeners record 30 seconds of a sound they find interesting, write a short story and send it to The Record.