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Sounds Of The Day 11.12.13 - 11.14.13

Nov 18, 2013

What interesting sounds do you hear throughout your day? Our days are full of sounds of bus engines, computer keyboards, birds chirping and leaves crunching. Our listeners record 30 seconds of an interesting sound they encounter. Write a short story and sent your recording to The Record.

Tuesday, November 12

Listener Heather recorded the squeaky footman of her Lendrum Double Treadle spinning wheel named Charybdis.

Wednesday, November 13

Derek recorded hi guinea pig Stella "chittering" as she eats. Stella makes that particular sound when Derek pets her as she eats. He's pretty sure it means "leave me alone, I'm eating."

Thursday, November 14

Listener Mary heard four sea lions frolicking along the shores of Lincoln Park in West Seattlewhile she took her daily walk.