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Sites for three new Seattle homeless camps revealed

Dec 2, 2016

The city of Seattle says it will open three new temporary camps for homeless people. Two of those sites will have tiny houses. The other will have tents, according to a statement Thursday from the Human Services Department.

 The two camps with tiny houses will be at 1000 South Myrtle Street in the Georgetown neighborhood and 8620 Nesbit Avenue North near Aurora Avenue. Trending: Why I spoke up in the face of hate speech in Ballard The tent camp will be at 9701 Myers Way South near White Center. Each camp will serve 60 to 70 people, according to the Human Services Department. The first camp will open in early January, the statement said. Councilmember Debora Juarez said the Nesbit Avenue camp in her North Seattle district would open in March. She said that success in Seattle with other tiny house villages for the homeless made her hopeful for this one as well.