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Seattle Times Editor Departing For Dean Position

Aug 1, 2013

In this era of digital media David Boardman, the departing executive editor of the Seattle Times, said he sees a great future ahead for newspapers.

But he also said that future will most likely look very different for daily newspaper readers.

I can easily envision somewhere in the next five, six, seven years, not necessarily in this city but in some cities, where you would have a big, fat, high-quality, expensive, stay-around-all-week Sunday printed newspaper, and then really high-quality digital products. The phone, the laptop, the desktop, the tablet, and whatever else emerges during the week.

Boardman is leaving The Seattle Times to take a job as dean of the School of Media and Communication at Temple University in Philadelphia.

He said it’s an opportunity to have a meaningful impact on upcoming generations of journalists and that he is proud of the locally owned Seattle Times. But, he admitted that the hardest part of his job has been laying off journalists.

He spoke with Ross Reynolds on The Conversation today.