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Seattle Police Say It’s OK To Stop Crime – But Be Safe

Nov 26, 2013

Seattle Police are applauding the efforts of three bus riders who stopped a man robbing fellow passengers at gunpoint.

Officers say the man, who was wearing a mask, got on the bus downtown. When the bus arrived in West Seattle, he pulled out a gun. After he robbed three people, other riders intervened, jumping the man and holding him down until police arrived.

Renee Witt, spokeswoman for the Seattle Police Department, said the department wouldn't ordinarily advise bystanders to get involved.

“Now with that said, if people are comfortable and feel safe enough to jump in and do what these people did yesterday, by all means, good for them,” Witt said. 

She said the best thing you can do is get yourself to safety, call 911, and be a good witness. But, she added, it was brave of bus riders to jump in – literally.

The man who was robbing the passengers is now in the King County Jail.

He’s expected to be charged with several counts of armed robbery.