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Seattle to help immigrant families that could suffer under Trump

Jan 6, 2017

The City of Seattle plans to boost counseling resources in public schools for immigrant and refugee students, particularly those who are undocumented or Muslim.

Officials announced the effort Friday as part of a larger plan to assist families who may face new challenges under the Trump administration.

City Councilwoman Lorena Gonzáles says this initiative will help some of the most vulnerable residents in Seattle.

González: "Our youth, our dreamers. Those kids who were brought here when they were young, seeking opportunity. The same opportunity my parents sought for their as-yet-unborn children, including myself."

The plan comes with a quarter million dollars in funding.

That will pay for legal clinics and education forums in Seattle Public Schools, plus more training for staff who work with immigrants. The city is still working with partners to identify specific schools or programs for funding.

As part of this effort, the city will also create a new hotline for people to report bias or hate crimes. Mayor Ed Murray said this hotline will provide an alternative for immigrants who may not feel comfortable contacting police.

The Seattle Foundation has also committed funds toward these programs and said it aims to raise additional support from local philanthropies.