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Seattle Candidates From Where The Sidewalk Ends

Oct 30, 2015

We’ve been asking Seattle City Council candidates to answer whimsical questions.

What animal would they be? What magical power would they have? Who is their political hero?

Most pick the political hero question. But when the District 5 – way north Seattle – candidates came in, we were out of notecards posing that question. And thank goodness, because candidates Debora Juarez and Sandy Brown delighted.

Juarez said she would be a jellyfish. She had told her daughters growing up to be like jellyfish, she told us after the debate hosted by KUOW’s Ross Reynolds. Jellyfish float through the ocean, but they’re dangerous, she said.  

One of her daughters even has a jellyfish tattoo on her inner forearm.

Brown, too, picked a peaceful creature: the family of owls at Thornton Creek. “Not so beautiful as they rest on a limb, but graceful in flight,” he wrote.

Brown is an ordained Methodist minister who lives off Aurora. Juarez, a former public defender, raised her daughters in North Seattle. She grew up on the Puyallup Reservation in Tacoma.

Listen to their full debate: