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Seahawks Sign Player Known For Fan Scolding

Jul 31, 2014

Cornerback Richard Sherman may be the most famous ranter on the Seattle Seahawks, but last Tuesday the team signed a player known for his own tirade.

Offensive lineman Eric Winston was with the Kansas City Chiefs two seasons ago when his quarterback, Matt Cassel, got knocked out with a concussion during a home game.

Cassel wasn't playing well and some Chiefs fans cheered his injury. After the game, in the locker room Winston reprimanded the fans.

“We are not gladiators, this isn’t the Roman Coliseum,” Winston said. “When you cheer somebody getting knocked out – and I don’t care who it is – it’s sickening.”

"I've never been more embarrassed in my life to play football."

Winston will be back in front of those same Chiefs fans this fall when the Seahawks travel to Kansas City on Nov 16.