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Same-Sex Marriage Arrives In Washington State

Dec 6, 2012

Washington state began handing out same-sex marriage licenses last night; the weddings will start on Sunday. We talk with some of the couples who showed up in downtown Seattle at midnight to be among the first to get a marriage license.

Also this hour: what does the future hold for Medicare? Should changes to Medicare eligibility be part of the fiscal cliff discussions? We talk with Maggie Mahar of The Healthbeat Blog. Then, since the mid-1940s, theories about the cause of autism have ranged from bad parenting to childhood vaccinations. While the more controversial theories have been disproven, misperceptions often remain. Dr. Raphael Bernier of the UW Autism Center joins us to talk about the challenges of researching autism.

Plus, 'tis the season for holiday performances. Marcie Sillman brings us our weekly look at the Art of our City with Pacific Northwest Ballet production stage manager Sandra Barrack.