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Rethinking The Idea Of Money

Apr 18, 2013

In the book "Rethinking Money," economist Bernard Lietaer and journalist Jacqui Dunne trace the beginnings of our monetary system, including its serious problems and hope for the future.

Lietaer and Dunne tell stories of communities who have used new money, in addition to national currency, to make their local economies more prosperous and sustainable. Today, more than 4,000 cooperative currencies are in circulation.

Jacqui Dunne is an award-winning journalist from Ireland and a co-author of "Rethinking Money: How New Currencies Turn Scarcity into Prosperity." Bernard Lietaer is an economist and former president of Belgium's Electronic Payment System. His other books include "The Future of Money: Beyond Greed and Scarcity."

Lietaer and Dunne spoke at Seattle's Town Hall on March 20, 2013.