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Race for second place in Seattle mayor's primary tightens

15 hours ago

The race for second place in the Seattle mayor's election got even tighter today.

Results released this afternoon show Nikkita Oliver inched closer to Cary Moon's second place spot.

Now Moon is ahead by fewer than 1,700 votes. 

Only a few thousand ballots remain uncounted from the primary last week. Most of those are ballots with challenged signatures. 

Jenny Durkan still has a commanding lead overall, although her share has dropped since election night last Tuesday. The current tally: 

Durkan: 28.1 percent

Moon: 17.6 percent

Oliver: 16.7 percent

Turnout is now about 40 percent of registered Seattle voters. The top two candidates from the primary will move on to the general election in November.

On Friday, Moon said she reached out to Oliver, along with other leading candidates Mike McGinn, Bob Hasegawa and Jessyn Farrell.

Moon: “I've talked to Mike McGinn and Bob Hasegawa briefly, and they're both sort of in the mode of ‘let's let the dust settle and let's talk about working together.’ But I think they’re amenable and excited about the possibilities. And I've initiated contact with Nikkita and Jessyn and probably will talk to them in the next couple of days, I hope.”

In a statement on Friday, Moon also said she was not claiming a spot in the general just yet.

"I share Nikkita Oliver campaign's concerns that ballots of first time voters, infrequent voters, and those who face language barriers, are more frequently contested than others," she said. "That's why I'm encouraging my supporters to work with the Oliver campaign to contact voters whose ballots are contested (sign up form)."

As for Nikkita Oliver, she has said she won’t concede or endorse another candidate until the results are clear. But she signaled that if Moon moved to the general, she would support her over Durkan.

“I think it’s important to align with the candidate who is going to serve the interests of the most vulnerable in our city,” Oliver said. “Of the two that are currently looking like they’ll move through the primary, Cary is the one to have shown to have the strongest analysis around what that means, and the most willingness to be corrected when she’s wrong.”

—Amy Radil, Gil Aegerter and Isolde Raftery