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Public TV's KCTS Merges With

Dec 2, 2015

Seattle's public television station KCTS said Wednesday that it's merging with two local news websites, including

Crosscut editor-in-chief Greg Hanscom said Crosscut and KCTS will maintain separate journalism efforts and will continue to be editorially independent.

"Crosscut will be Crosscut,” Hanscom said. “You're going to continue to find our unique, feisty, local journalism. You're going to continue to find this very energetic debate on about where this region is headed."

The merger will not lead to any layoffs for Crosscut or KCTS.

Instead, Hansom said, the deal will allow some part-time Crosscut staffers to expand their hours.

And it will give Crosscut's news staff a chance to be involved with the television station's local programming.

This past April, KCTS laid off 11 production staffers and canceled its long-form local shows.

The station says no money is changing hands as part of the merger. The new organization will be called Cascade Public Media.

As part of the deal, the website What's Good 206 will also merge KCTS and Crosscut.

What's Good 206 bills itself as a website produced by millenials.