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Pasco Police Cleared In Shooting Inquest

Dec 14, 2016

A coroner’s inquest this week cleared the three Pasco police officers who shot a farmworker in February 2015. The Franklin County Coroner has fought for nearly two years to hold the examination into the facts of the death.

The end of the inquest marks the end of the planned public examinations into the death of Antonio Zambrano-Montes. There have been investigations by another police department, the Franklin County Prosecutor, the Washington state Attorney General’s Office and the federal government.

Even though the inquest cleared the police officers, there are still pending legal cases brought by Zambrano-Montes’ family.

The inquest started on Monday, and ended Wednesday afternoon. The goal was to find out whether the police shooting in a busy intersection of downtown Pasco was justified.

Pasco city officials said in a press release they hope the end of the inquest -- and the jury’s conclusion -- will bring healing to the community.

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