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Oregon's Pay-Per-Mile Program Awarded $2.1 Million

Aug 31, 2016
Originally published on August 31, 2016 6:07 pm

The Federal Highway Administration has granted Oregon $2.1 million for the state’s pay-per-mile tax program. The pilot OReGO program started in 2015 and now includes more than 1,200 vehicles.

"We received funding to expand our technology options and to develop new ones potentially, including a manual option that we would need if we were to go to a fully mandated statewide program," said Michelle Godfrey, an Oregon Department of Transportation spokeswoman.

Oregon leaders are looking at replacing the statewide gas tax with this pay-per-mile program down the road. Oregon was the first state to pilot this kind of payment plan.

"It’s working really well," said Godfrey. "We’ve had no major glitches. But we’d love to get more drivers involved and participating, especially in the rural areas."

Drivers voluntarily sign up online, and then receive an odometer monitor by mail. The monitor tracks vehicle miles on the road and charges the driver based on how many miles they've driven. The driver receives a refund for the state gas tax at the pump.

Godfrey notes that vehicles with low gas mileage tend to benefit from using the OReGo program, rather than paying the standard gas tax.

Godfrey says that the No. 1 vehicle participating in the program is a Toyota Prius. The second most common vehicle in the program is a F-150 pickup truck.

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