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Oregon Lawmakers Will Hold Hearings On A Slate Of Gun Bills

Apr 14, 2017

Oregon lawmakers are gearing up for a pair of hearings Monday on a set of bills to regulate firearms. The measures would do a variety of things.

One would delay a gun sale indefinitely if a background check doesn't clear. Right now Oregon State Police have three days to figure out whether a potential gun buyer has cleared a background check. At that point the buyer can legally obtain the weapon regardless of whether they've been approved.

Another section of the bill would ban firearm possession from people with a standing restraining order filed by their boyfriend or girlfriend. Currently, that law only applies to people who've lived together.

Another bill would require people to attend a live fire training course in order to get a concealed handgun license. And another would require people at risk for suicide to turn over their weapons if their family members seek a court order.

The hearings will be held in a committee room that can accommodate larger crowds. In the past, bills related to gun regulation have drawn large numbers of people in favor and against the measures.

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