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Oregon Announces New Housing And Services For Veterans

Nov 10, 2015
Originally published on November 10, 2015 4:23 pm

Oregon says it's making strides in finding housing for homeless veterans and just announced funding for two new housing projects for vets.

Advocates say homelessness is a problem for returning vets who sometimes have a hard time transitioning back to civilian life. Oregon officials say community efforts have helped bring the homelessness rate among veterans down by 21 percent since 2011.

But Alison McIntosh of the Oregon Department of Housing and Community Services said the state estimates about one out of every 10 people without a home is a veteran.

"And that's about 1,400 people across the state of Oregon who have served our country that are now experiencing homelessness,” she said.

The State Housing Council just approved two new housing projects for veterans: one in Medford and one in Klamath Falls. Funding comes from an increase in property recording fees approved by Oregon lawmakers two years ago.

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