Obama's Foreign Policy Challenges: The Next 4 Years

America Abroad
Credit PRI

Scheduled for Spotlight on January 14 at 8:00 p.m.

 On this episode of America Abroad, we'll hear how the war in Syria is destabilizing the Mideast, a possible solution to Europe's economic woes and the challenges of new leadership throughout Asia. Host Tess Vigeland talks with Princeton University's Aaron Friedberg and Jonathan Pollack of the Brookings Institution about the foreign policy issues facing President Obama in the Far East, including new leadership in China, Japan and both Koreas, and increasing tensions between China and Japan.  Teri Schultz reports from Brussels. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently indicated that a free trade agreement between the US and EU could be in the cards. Such a deal would be the biggest economic partnership ever, and could provide both economies a much-needed shot in the arm.   Host Tess Vigeland talks with Charles Kupchan of the Council on Foreign Relations and Adam Posen of the Peterson Institute for International Economics about how the Obama administration will look to strengthen America's relationship with Europe during its second term.