NPR Special: Iraq War

Mar 15, 2013

Coming up on Spotlight, March 18 at 8 p.m.

Ten years ago, a US-led invasion brushed aside Iraq's army and toppled the country’s long-time leader, Saddam Hussein.  The swift military operation quickly became a difficult and complicated occupation. The US found itself fighting an insurgency, and a sectarian conflict nearly consumed the country.

After years of bloody conflict, multiple tactical and strategic changes, and the election of a new Iraqi parliament, US forces left the country in 2012. Thousands of America died, tens of thousands were injured, and many more Iraqis perished.

A decade later, what was accomplished?

NPR Host Neal Conan looks back at the war in Iraq.  Guests include retired Lieutenant Colonel John Nagl, military historian Thomas Ricks, and NPR Commentator Ted Koppel.