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Nordstrom's $425 'muddy' jeans 'laughable' and 'insensitive'

Apr 26, 2017

Bill Radke talks to Cal McAllister, co-founder and executive creative director of The Wexley School For Girls, about Nordstrom's expensive, faux mud-caked jeans. 

McAllister explained that Seattle in particular is a place where pants like these miss the mark.  We asked McAllister if a company as big as Nordstrom, though headquartered in Seattle, has to "pay attention" to what consumers in Seattle like and don't like.

He said that Nordstrom shouldn't let "any market dictate a sale strategy, but they do have to realize this is the headquarters and this is the heart of their business and this is their distribution center. What happens here represents the vision of their entire company."

After the interview McAllister added that when it comes to their high end products, they will sell them in their Seattle stores but not for Seattle customers. The international tourism in Seattle, especially Asia, is a huge market for their flagship store downtown and it's the target for some of the highest-end products on the sales floor.