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Non-Native Rattlesnake Captured In Seattle

Jun 27, 2013

The Western Rattlesnake captured by Seattle Animal Control awaits transfer to Eastern Washington
Credit Seattle Animal Control

A rattlesnake is something that you’re not supposed to see in Seattle. But one was spotted this week around North 120th and Fremont Avenue North, sunning itself on a rock wall.  Don Jordan, director of the Seattle Animal Shelter says an animal control officer was able to bag it and take it back to the shelter.

Jordan admits, catching a rattlesnake is not exactly something officers regular encounter:

“Well, other than classroom training, it’s simply OTJ — you know, on-the-job.” said Jordan. “A lot of what our humane law enforcement officers do is use common sense."

Rattlesnakes are not native to western Washington, but Jordan says you do see them in the eastern part of the state. He says it most likely hitched a ride on a car or truck that was headed over the Cascade Mountains and ended up in Seattle.

It’s illegal to own a rattlesnake in the city of Seattle. They are considered exotic animals, which the city does not permit as pets. Owning snakes over eight feet long is also illegal.

The rattlesnake that was captured by Seattle Animal Control was identified as a two-foot-long western rattlesnake. 

Jordan says a licensed wildlife trapper is being brought in from Eastern Washington to take the snake back to the other side of the state, where it will be released into its natural habitat.