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New Washington Laws Cover College Aid, Guns, Tanning

Jun 10, 2014
Originally published on June 9, 2014 4:53 pm

This is the week undocumented students in Washington will become eligible for state college tuition aid. The Real Hope Act is just one of dozens of new state laws that take effect Thursday, 90 days after the Washington Legislature adjourned.

There’s already a website,, which gives undocumented students information on how to apply for a Washington State Need Grant.

There’s no guarantee of funding because the program is already over-subscribed. But the Latino students who lobbied for the new law say just winning eligibility to the program is a major victory.

Another new Washington law requires individuals who have a restraining order against them to surrender their firearms. This law is triggered if a judge finds the person poses a credible threat to the safety of an intimate partner.

Also beginning this week, kids under age 18 are prohibited from using tanning beds in Washington. The only exception is if a doctor prescribes UV radiation treatment.

All told some 200 new laws take effect June 12 in Washington.

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