New Wash. Math Requirement May Delay Graduation For 3,730 High School Seniors

Apr 18, 2013

Two months before high school commencement, 9,083 seniors still haven’t passed Washington state’s new math graduation requirement.

For 3,730 12th graders across Washington, math is the only state standard standing in the way of graduation.

Compare that to 1,066 seniors who only need to pass the writing requirement or 809 students who just need to meet the reading standard.

The state has added one more opportunity for the class of 2013 to meet the math requirement. Schools have until May 1 to submit a set of algebra or geometry problems to demonstrate students’ skills or similar Collections of Evidence for reading and writing.

Failing that, seniors will need to go to summer school or return to high school this fall in order to meet the new math standard and get their diplomas.

The math standard took effect this year after the state Legislature voted in 2008 to delay implementation for five years because too few seniors were passing the test.