The Movie Studio Intern Who’ll Never Work In Hollywood Again

Jan 31, 2013

Interns wearing ridiculous costumes, such as a camel, a cluster of grapes, a chicken, a kangaroo, and Sponge Bob, stand in a line, prepared to participate in some kind of sport involving tennis rackets.
Interns compete in the "Intern Olympics" at an advertising agency in St. Louis, Missouri.
Credit Flickr/lolololori

Many industries depend on a steady stream of unpaid interns. In the movie industry, interns are lured by the chance to work alongside big stars or important directors. The dangled promise of a future career keeps them glued to their computer workstations late into the night.

Eric Glatt found himself in such a position. He looked into the law, and began to suspect his employer’s reliance on interns was illegal. So he sued. Hear his story today on KUOW Presents.

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