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More 90-degree days forecast for Seattle this summer

May 31, 2016

Another hot summer is ahead for Washington. The National Weather Service predicts the entire nation will have higher than average summer temps, especially in coastal states.

The weather service says Washington and Oregon have a 50-60 percent probability of well above average temperatures this summer. It's the same prediction for Alaska and the northeast. 

The odds are a little lower in Idaho and the eastern edge of Washington, with a 40-50 percent probability of a hotter than normal summer.

Meteorologist Ted Buehner said the forecast means a hot July and August in Seattle, but not as extreme as last summer.

"If you recall last year we had 12 days of 90 degrees or better, and that broke the old record going back into the late 19th century," Buehner said.

Buehner said he doesn't anticipate anything like that this year, but we may have four to six days of 90 or more this year.

Seattle’s average high temperature in July is 76 degrees. He said predictions are hotter for coastal states because of high pressure weather patterns above both coasts.

Farmers and firefighters will be looking beyond temperatures. They’re watching for the rain predictions after last summer’s statewide drought.

The water supply prediction is up in the air. Buehner said Washington could get less rain than normal, or possibly a little more.