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Monitor Merrick Bobb's Plan For Seattle Police Reform

Mar 13, 2013

Seattle Police patrol cars.
Credit Flickr Photo/Brittney Bollay

Tuesday, a federal judge approved a plan to reform Seattle's Police Department. This comes a day after the Seattle Police Officers Guild and Seattle Police Management Association filed a court challenge to the plan, raising concerns about the collective bargaining rights of police officers. We'll talk with independent monitor Merrick Bobb and senior police expert Joe Brann about the details of the reform plan.

Also this hour: The Interfaith Amigos – Imam Jamal Rahman, Pastor Don McKenzie and Rabbi Ted Falcon -- discussed mortality with us last month, from the teachings of their religious traditions to their own journeys. Today we expand that discussion to look at heaven and hell. What do the Abrahamic faiths say about it? How important is the concept of heaven and hell to religious belief. And how does it pertain to the non-religious? Plus: What happens to psychiatric patients when there aren’t enough beds at the state’s mental hospitals? Often, they end up in emergency rooms. In many cases, they don’t receive adequate mental health treatment, but rather, just a bed to sleep on. It’s a practice known as “psychiatric boarding.” And according to a recent decision by the Pierce County Superior Court, it’s unacceptable. We'll take a closer look at the issue.