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Major gas leak at construction site in University District

Seattle firefighters were called to the scene of a major gas leak early on Friday afternoon in Seattle’s University District.

The leak was reported at 12:41 p.m., according to the city’s 911 log, at 15th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 50th Street, the site of a construction spot. That’s across the street from a church and childcare center. 

Two buildings were evacuated. 

According to Seattle Fire officials, a backhoe clipped a two-inch gas pipe. The construction site was a former parking lot. On the fence was a sign that read, "Your housing levy dollars at work!"

The site will house Bellwether Housing apartments, which will provide housing for low income and homeless families. The property had been owned by University Christian Church across the street, which sold the site below market rate

The Seattle Fire Department reported that the gas line was shut down and that street closures and evacuations were in progress.

At least 20 units responded. 

By 1:45 p.m., roads were open again. Daycare providers were seen returning with sleepy babies in their arms. It was clear they had left in a hurry, as the babies were wrapped in blankets and not wearing coats. A line of toddlers followed behind.