Mad Season's Meteoric Rise And Tragic Fall

Mad Season.
Credit Courtesy/Wikipedia/Lance Mercer

Seattle's music scene was booming in the mid-1990s. Four friends from different established bands decided to get together for a side project called Mad Season. Layne Staley sang in Alice in Chains, Mike McCready played guitar for Pearl Jam, Bassist John Baker Saunders toured with The Walkabouts and Barrett Martin was the drummer for Screaming Trees. 

As the super-group Mad Season, they created one critically acclaimed record called "Above." Then tragedy struck with the death of two band members. This radio special tells the story of Mad Season from band members Mike McCready, Barrett Martin and Layne Staley, and features music played both in studio and on stage. The special was produced by Paul Chuffo and Josh Jackson from Joyride Media.

VIDEO: Mad Season's "River of Deceit"