Local Filmmaker Follows 'Old Goats' With Dementia Tragi-Comedy

Aug 7, 2014

Ross Reynolds speaks with Issaquah-based filmmaker Taylor Guterson about his new film, "Burkholder," which opens at SIFF on Friday. 

Guterson doesn't use a script. He suggested situations and let the actors improvise lending a documentary feel to many scenes.

"Burkholder" is a comedy about what at first might not seem like a very funny situation: dementia.  Teddy (Bob Burkholder) is in his late 80s and rents a room in Barry’s house. Barry (Britt Crosley) is no spring chicken himself, but is getting worried about Teddy’s mental capabilities.

Burkholder died after the film was made. Neither he nor Crosley had any acting experience before Guterson used them in his first film, "Old Goats," in 2010.