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KUOW is going to Black Diamond. Here's why

Feb 10, 2017

Emily Fox speaks with Joshua McNichols and Carolyn Adolph about their team reporting project, Region of Boom, which explores the growth of our region, one town at a time.

Joshua McNichols wraps up what the team learned in Marysville, a town growing at a faster rate than even Seattle.

Carolyn Adolph sets the stage for where the team is going next: Black Diamond, a former coal mining town at odds with itself over a development that could triple the size of the town.

Correction 2/13/2017: We misattributed a quote in this radio piece. The person who said, “Again, every time I think we can’t sink any lower in the muck, we get stuff like this…” was actually Councilmember Janie Edelman.