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Kubota Garden offers a little outdoor reprieve from Seattle's gray gloom

Dec 29, 2017

If you’re looking for something outdoorsy yet tame to do, there’s a free place to visit this winter: Seattle's Kubota Garden. 

Marcia High has been a gardener at the Kubota Garden for 13 years and counting.

“It’s sort of a hidden treasure of Seattle,” High said.

The garden is about a minute away from Rainier Beach and has been around since 1927. It was started by landscaper Fujitaro Kubota who fused together Japanese and American landscapes. High said a reason why he chose this property was its plentiful year-round access to water.

So, what makes the garden so special at this time of year?

“I guess one thing to say about coming to Kubota Garden in the winter time is you get to really enjoy the light," High said. "This beautiful Northwest light that we have.”

She was referring to the contrast of the gray Pacific Northwest sky and the popping green of the plants. There are 11 ponds, multiple waterfalls and peaceful trails to walk.

Not only is the place worth seeing, it’s worth smelling too. 

"It’s a lovely evergreen that grows really well in shadier areas in Seattle,” High said, referring to a sarcococca plant. It's commonly referred to as Sweetbox and they're budding at this time of year.

High said one piece is all you need to fill a home with its beautifully spicy smell.

She said maintaining the garden is a lot of work but highly rewarding. “I got the dream job," High said.