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Kshama Sawant endorses for Seattle mayor and council races

May 18, 2017

Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant is endorsing candidates for the 2017 election. The lone Socialist on the City Council said she’s supporting Nikkita Oliver and Jon Grant in their respective campaigns for city hall. Both candidates pledged not to take any corporate money during their campaigns.

Oliver, an attorney and mayoral candidate with the newly formed People's Party, said Sawant’s support presents an opportunity.

“It allows us to think on a long term strategy of how does the People's Party really represent grassroots movements, organizers and the interests of working people in Seattle in a powerful and transformative way for the next 50 years,” she said.

City Council candidate Grant is running as a Democratic Socialist and said he’s honored by Sawant’s endorsement.

“I think this is a real, huge opportunity that we can actually turn the tide in Seattle to make it an affordable place for everyone to live,” he said.

Grant, Oliver and Sawant presented a joint agenda for affordable housing. One thing they want to do is increase city requirements for affordable housing stock. Other items they’re hoping to implement include rent control and taxing businesses to help pay for public housing.

The last day to file for office is Friday.