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Joys And Dangers Of Re-Reading Old Favorites

Feb 14, 2014

Steve Scher talks with librarian Nancy Pearl about the joys and dangers of re-reading favorite books. Pearl said revisiting a book years after the first read will sometimes force herself to ask, "What did I see in this?” But other times, she is glad to be reunited with an old friend.

She said she was thrilled to learn that two of her favorite crime novels by Ross Thomas, “Briarpatch” and “Chinaman’s Chance,” have been re-issued. Pearl said Thomas is one author she loves to re-read and share.

She also recommends John Updike’s, "The Maples Stories,” and the paired novels, “Mrs. Bridge” and “Mr. Bridge” by Evan S. Connell.

And no matter how many times you re-read a poem, Pearl said it offers new interpretation and experience every time.

This interview originally aired on December 18, 2009.