Is It Ever Okay For A Non-Native Person To Wear A Headdress?

Apr 2, 2013

The Village People at the 2008 MLB All-Star Game. For some, the native headdress has deep spiritual significance. For others, it just means "party." Hear today how one incident brought these two sides into an unusual partnership.
Credit Flicker photo / Al-HikesAZ

Feather headdresses have become part of our cultural iconography. But for many Native Americans, the headdress has deep spiritual meaning, and its misuse is deeply offensive. 

When the fashion company Paul Frank printed T-shirts showing a monkey wearing a headdress, blogger Adrienne Keene took her outrage public. But she kept an open mind, because she knew the problem wasn't hatefulness, but ignorance.

Now she and the Paul Frank company have forged an unlikely partnership and are working together to bring Native American imagery into the fashion world in a culturally sensitive way.

Listen to her CBC interview.

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