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An Immigrant Success Story In Nadella's Rise

Feb 5, 2014

Microsoft is celebrating a new leader: Satya Nadella is the company's third chief executive. Nadella likes cricket, and he quoted Oscar Wilde in his email to employees Tuesday. And for Seattle's Indian community, his appointment to the top job means a lot.

Members of the Indian community were not surprised that Satya Nadella was in the running for the top job. But some were surprised when he got it.

"This is why people come to America," said Nitya Niranjan, a volunteer at the Hindu Temple in Bothell. "This can only happen in America. Most of guys say there's no way Satya will become CEO of Microsoft — there's no way. I said, you never know. With Microsoft, there's always been something different. They appreciate hard work."

Niranjan says Nadella's rise to the top of Microsoft is a huge boost to young immigrants. It shows that if you get the education and become the best you can be, you really can succeed.

Ramesh Bambroo remembers an event months ago, when Nadella stood to speak. His son, who works at Microsoft, already knew who he was. "I said to my son, 'Who is he?' 'Satya.' Well I didn't take any notice of him by then, but now it is great news for all Indians. And hopefully Microsoft shares will start going up."

Microsoft's share price remains flat for now.