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How Seattle's big three businesses are facing Brexit

Jun 24, 2016

Britain's decision to leave the European Union is shaking investor confidence around the world. Stocks plunged, staged a minor rebound and then trailed downward as the uncertainty caused by the Brexit vote sunk in.

Now companies across the planet, including Seattle employers Microsoft, Amazon and Boeing, must figure out how they will adapt to the new world created by Britain’s departure from the EU., Inc. announced a UK expansion before the vote, including data centers and fulfillment centers. It said it would not comment on the vote or its plans.

Microsoft Corp. is also quiet. However, before the referendum the company published a statement saying Brexit would endanger its future investments in the UK. It also said it supported Britain staying in the EU.

It was The Boeing Co. that made the boldest pre-referendum move: It promised to build its European headquarters in London. The decision was praised by supporters of Britain’s departure from the EU though Boeing was officially neutral.

In a statement, Boeing says it has handled other big changes and can handle Brexit:

As a global business we constantly manage changes in political circumstances and we will continue to do so now with the evolving situation in the UK and Europe.