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How KUOW Staff Does Thanksgiving

Nov 27, 2013

Asked what traditions made their Thanksgiving every year, KUOW staffers came forth with both classic and quirky practices. Here’s a selection!

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Morgen Asher, membership

Canned cranberry sauce! We've added "real" stuff to the table, but everyone still wants the can - plopped in the dish in solid form so you can see the can rings.

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Ruby de Luna, reporter

Every year we play a serious game of bingo (no chatting allowed). Uncle Ossie traditionally called out the numbers until he passed away a few years ago.

He was generally a quiet man. But during bingo, when he went “oooh!” you could tell he was pretty close to making bingo! 

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Hannah Burn, The Record  producer

My aunt sings opera after our family has consumed most of the 11 pies for 20 or so people.
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Marcie Sillman, The Record host

I use 2 pounds of butter in the turkey and stuffing and we all agree it’s the best use of fat ever.

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Dana Faust, underwriting

Midwestern church basement food at its best: fruit salad with marshmallows - aka "ambrosia." Wouldn't be caught dead preparing or eating it any other day of the year.

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Andy Hurst, The Record producer

My family always eats shrimp cocktail as a Thanksgiving dinner appetizer. That’s right: SHRIMP COCKTAIL.

Shari Woo, underwriting

Larry's homemade chili.

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Sara Lerner, reporter

Every year my mom makes a Jell-O salad, which we like to call “jelled sallo.” We are still laughing about it after 20 years, even though it's really not that funny.

It's hard to plan outdoor activities in Seattle, yet every year my friends play football. I take the photos. - Geoff Vlcek, data management
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